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Author Harisundar's craft intends to tell compelling Indian narratives that resonate deeply with readers. 
His writing delves into the depths of human nature, offering profound insights into the human condition.

An engineer by educational qualification, he chose to follow his passion in writing. He is a bibliophile and has written several articles reflecting socio-political happenings in our society for the national media named ThePrint. Harisundar's first book, a contemporary fiction will be out this year in the second half. The Author is partnering with the publisher named Booksthakam Publishers who have published several best-sellers in recent times. Harisundar's overarching aim is to create an all encompassing literary space and a community here. 

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Debut book launch : A Celebration of budding writers and readers
Debut book launch : A Celebration of budding writers and readers
07 Jun 2024, 9:22 pm – 11:22 pm
Harisundar Bookstore,
456 Main St, New York, NY 10030

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We aim to create an all encompassing literary space here. From book launches to book sales, discussions and book exchanges, we aim to build a sincere reading and writing community. Let  us connect and help each other grow. Make use of our services below.

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